About Us

In 1983, a pizza operator by the name of John Lamonica had an idea that would revolutionize the pizza industry. A heat transfer press manufactured by our development division, “Stearns Product Development,” was used to press the first dough ball. After many modifications, the first air driven dough press was developed and the rest is ProLuxe™ history. Throughout the years, innovation and service have been the cornerstones of our success. From pizza presses to tortilla presses, from Panini grills to the exciting new ProLuxe™ Bun Caramelizer, we have developed quality restaurant equipment featuring varying technologies. Our signature product, DoughPro™ has become synonymous throughout the industry food preparation across the globe. Our product line has increased to now include the designer-inspired TerraLuxe™ stone hearth oven. Fully customizable to meet your unique design needs, we can create your dream oven that not only creates the show, but also functions with your kitchen design.