Pizza Accessories


Equal Slices Every Time

Operators know how difficult it is to cut even slices by eye alone. Customers know when their slice is smaller than others on the tray and they may not complain openly but they feel short changed. Keep your customers happy, give them equal slices every time. The EQUASLICE™ cutting guide enables any employee to cut perfect slices. Just place the guide over your pie, insert your roller cutter between the grooves and cut. It’s that simple.

12 Slices
10 Slices

Utility Cart

Easy Dough Press Movement

The UT1300 has been specifically designed for our line of dough presses. Featuring pre-drilled mounting holes this table allows you to bolt your unit down for safety. Easy gliding casters allow you to move the unit for cleaning.

Stainless Steel
Width: 27.1" Height: 26.5" Depth: 21.6"
Utility Cart

Dough Storage Cart

Load and Go Dough

Loading and unloading is fast, easy and practically automatic. Just place your dough balls into the containers then load them in the gravity flow, sequentially feeding, first-in, first-out chutes. Each dough ball is now individually stored and protected against crusting and drying out. The DC96 comes with 96 containers and lids each capable of holding thirty two ounces of dough.

Chrome Plated
Caster Wheel Locks
Dough Storage Cart


Create a Non Stick Surface

RELEZE™ is the perfect product for your non-Teflon plates. This product will provide a non stick surface and make cleaning your plates much easier.

Fluid Oz.
Polished Aluminum Only