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Apex Pro X2M


The Most Productive Press. Ever.

It’s all new, and all powerful. The Apex Pro X2M automatic dough press is packed with our most advanced hydraulic system, and dual heated interchangeable molds. Swapping out molds is easy, simply lift molds to unlock and drop in your next size from 8” up to 16”. (Molds sold separately.)

Fully Automated
Interchangeable Molds
No Compressor Required
Dual Heated Platens
High Production
Pressed in Seconds

Press 300+ Pizzas Per Hour

The embedded mold allows a single operator to consistently produce picture perfect pizzas under 10 seconds.


Limited lifetime warranty on heating elements & 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

Dough Press Molds

Looking for a different size or depth? Talk with sales on how we can help your business.

10" Mold

12inch Dual Heat Interchangeable Mold

12" Mold

14" Dual Heat Interchangeable Dough Press Mold

14" Mold

16 inch Dual Heat Interchangeable Pizza Dough Press Mold

16" Mold

17 inch Dual Heat Interchangeable Dough Press Mold

17" Mold


1. Does this press include a mold?

No, all molds are sold separately. Our mold sizes range from 8-inch to 16-inch diameters.

2. What size molds are available for this dough press?

Dual heated interchangeable molds are available in 8-inch to 16" diameters.

3. How easy is it to change out the mold inserts?

The mold inserts are quickly pulled off and another can be dropped in to the center of the lower plate. There is a notch that will hold the lower mold insert in place so it doesn't pop out when in use.

4. Does this unit require a compressor?

This unit is run on a hydraulic pump under the machine. An air compressor is not required.

5. Can this unit par-bake?

Yes. This unit has two heated upper and lower platens which can reach up to 450°F. This unit is great for creating cracker like crusts or tortilla and tortilla like products.

6. What is the current lead time on a machine?

All of our equipment, except for accessories, have a 4-week lead time.


Download Spec Sheet
Power SourceHydraulic
ON/OFF SwitchYes
Temperature ControlYes
Maximum Heat425F/218C
Digital CounterYes
Programmable TimerYes
Thickness ControlNo
Compressor RequiredNo
Machine Weight202lbs/91kg
Shipping Weight225lbs/102kg
Power Cord Length72"
Power PlugNEMA 6-30P
CEETL InternationalETL Sanitation

Compare Models

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Apex Pro X1


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Apex Pro X2


Apex Pro X2M

Power SourcePnuematicHydraulicPnuematicHydraulicHydraulic
Maximum Heat450F/232C450F/232C450F/232C450F/232C425F/218C
Temperature ControlYesYesYesYesYes
Programmable TimerYesYesYesYesYes
Thickness ControlYesYesYesYesNo
Digital CounterYesYesYesYesYes
ON/OFF SwitchYesYesYesYesYes
Machine Weight169lbs/76kg169lbs/76kg202lbs/91kg202lbs/91kg202lbs/91kg
Shipping Weight202lbs/91kg202lbs/91kg225lbs/102kg225lbs/102kg225lbs/102kg
Compressor RequiredYesNoYesNoNo
Compressor SpecsU.S. 5 SCFM/EUR. 8.5 SCMH -U.S. 5 SCFM/EUR. 8.5 SCMH --
Power Cord Length72"72"72"72"72"
Power PlugNEMA 5-20P / CEE7/7 / NEMA 6-15PNEMA 6-30PNEMA 6-30PNEMA 6-30PNEMA 6-30P
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