The Ultimate Bun Caramelizer™
The unique raised surfaces allow a perfect even grilled bun. Unlike a standard flat grill or a contact toaster, the proof is in the taste. The new bun grill gives you a bakery fresh taste and superb even grill that won’t taste burnt or dried out like the other methods.

Try it out for yourself you won’t believe the difference. THE PROOF IS IN THE TASTE.

  • 23″x25″ Heavy-Duty cast aluminum surface
  • Unique pedestals for perfect even bun caramelizing
  • Heavy-Duty stainless steel construction
  • Cast-in heating elements are backed by our exclusive ProLuxe limited lifetime warranty
  • Compact design for maximizing counter space
  • Designed to keep up with the all the breakfast, lunch and dinner rushes
  • Can be customized to fit various bun sizes
Electrical Info:
  • 208v-50/60hz-3200w-15.4 amps

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