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Our Standard Circular range of ovens are already acknowledged worldwide for their superior cooking ability, efficiency and flexibility of design (see High Profile Installations).

Complementing this standard range we are pleased to offer a Custom Service where we supply an oven, any size any shape, without compromising our legendary easy installation and world’s best warranty.

For all of our ovens we have a large range of versatile and unique accessories; refer to Features. Energy requirements for our optional gas back-up and gas-only ovens are located in our Installation section.

The Custom service is for the customer who either wants something different to everyone else on the block or has an existing floor plan that makes it difficult to utilize a standard size oven. Both rectangular and round ovens can have multiple doors, windows, char grills on any side wall and can be any size. These ovens have proven to be incredibly popular in display kitchens or “theater kitchens”.

Our custom ovens can vary from round ovens with additional features added, to rectangular grill ovens, rotisserie ovens, odd shaped ovens or anything else our clients might ask us for! Please have a look at our photo gallery to see an extensive range of custom ovens – only available from Proluxe™ Ovens!

When not in use the rotisserie can be removed from the oven and pizza or other dishes can be cooked here. The unique frame and drip tray means that removing fat from the oven is safe and easy, and the oven itself remains clean.

A small rotisserie can easily be added to a standard multi-door rectangular oven, or for larger rotisseries ovens can be custom built to suit with an option for a separate fire box with glass window.

We have numerous requests from clients who have awkward spaces to fit ovens into. Only Proluxe can cater to all of these situations.

These situations have included:
  • Custom oven.
  • Custom built for a low domed finish.
  • Built to fit available space.
  • 3-door oven.
  • Efficient use of a tight corner space.
  • The cut out section allows the oven to fit around a structural column.

Proluxe have also assisted clients to finish their ovens in a dome shape. Sometimes achieving this finished shape requires modification to the shape of the oven underneath, something Proluxe can do easily!

  • Built to any size and shape to fit your needs.
  • Multiple hearth openings.
  • Features Include: Chargrill, internal spotlight, multiple viewing windows.