For operators that want a very thick crust, the ProLuxe DP1100M™ is for you! Simply choose the size crust you are looking to achieve by choosing from our LPMI series of molds (sold separately). The interchangeable molds simply drop into place and now you are ready to create a thick crust without the labor of forming it by hand.

The heated upper platen, backed by our exclusive ProLuxe limited lifetime warranty, allows the dough to flow gently over the edge of the lower platen mold. Molds are available from 8″ to 18″ all even sizes. This unit comes with an exact 18″ plate for those who wish to use this for normal crust pizzas.

  • Manually operated, no motors or compressors required.
  • Size of dough ball and LPMI mold inserts dictate size.
  • Faster cleaning since no flour required.
  • Exclusive ProLuxe limited lifetime warranty.
  • Not available in Teflon.
Electrical Info:
  • 120v-50/60hz-1500w-12.5 amps
  • 240v-50/60hz-1500w-6.3 amps
  • 220v-50/60hz-1500w-6.8 amps

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