The automatic air-driven unit that started it all! The DP1300 has a proven track record of over 25 years. Just plug in your compressor (11 gallon 2Hp min.) and you are ready to produce consistent product to keep up with even the highest demand.

This easy to operate heated platen is based on our patented technology – which means you will have perfect product every time! And, the exclusive ProLuxe™ limited lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind for years to come. The unit comes standard with a temperature controller, timer and even a counter that will let you know how many pizzas have been pressed.

  • Easy two button operation for safety.
  • Emergency release button.
  • Timer and counter function.
  • Piston Driven.
  • High Production.
  • Embedded heating elements are backed by our exclusive ProLuxe limited lifetime warranty.
  • Available in Teflon at an added cost.
Electrical Info:
  • 120v-50/60hz-1500w-12.5 amps
  • 240v-50/60hz-1500w-6.3 amps
  • 220v-50/60hz-1500w-6.8 amps
Compressor requirements:
  • U.S. 5 SCFM (Standard cubic ft/min)
  • EUR. 8.5 SCMH (Standard cubic meters/hr)
  • Air Line Dryer

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