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We are proud to introduce our INTELLiLUXE™ Oven. This strategically designed oven is for the customer who must deliver an exceptional quality, taste, and service in an incredibly fast pace chain driven environment.

Most stone hearth ovens require experienced stone hearth operators to bake the pies. Normally the pies must be rotated at least 3 to 4 times to create an even bake, this is very time-consuming. You won’t waste that valuable time with our Intelliluxe™ Oven. Our oven is precisely designed to deliver consistently even heat on the entire deck of the oven.

Our Intelliluxe™ Ovens can be made in custom sizes. Our engineering team designed our unique oven dome in two pieces, it can be tilted on its side for easy installation. Our oven can be brought through a standard doorway, no need to widen doors or knock out walls or windows to install it in your kitchen.

It also comes with a limited Life-Time warranty on the deck and a 5-year structural warranty. We also include a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

Our oven has two torch burners, skillfully placed in opposite directions and a display burner placed in the back to create a forced convection. The combination of the torches, display burner and the unique shape of the dome are all critical parts of the design that ensure an even temperature bake and energy efficiency.

  • The spectacular performance is a result of the huge thermal mass of the oven’s unique ceramic convex domed ceiling and dome shape. The oven is TWICE the weight of all other pre-cast ovens on the market. The convex ceiling is 16” above the floor giving it the most powerful thermal convection cooking potential and never-seen-before thermal efficiencies.
  • Manufactured from the high-grade castable ceramic material enclosed completely in a housing of 1/4“ thick mild steel.
  • The cooking surface of the oven uses high quality 1.5” thick alumina bricks, renowned for their excellent cooking attributes and incredible wear resistance. The use of bricks avoids the unsightly cracking associated with one piece floors.
  • Up to 3 burners can accommodate the larger Intelliluxe™ ovens with a total of 450,000 btu’s on high flame and 45,000 btu’s on low flame. Close to 50,000+ btu’s less than the nearest competitors 3 burner system making the Intelliluxe™ oven more efficient, while still maintaining even temperatures across the surface.
New features:
  • Self cleaning Mode
  • Automatic ambient temp control with hi/lo flame mode
  • Crumb/Debris Shoot
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Electric In-Floor Heating System