Our 2-Sided Split Grill has been engineered to handle the demands of high volume production. Simple controls make it very easy to operate. Our exclusive manufacturing process casts the patented heating elements into the platen resulting in more even heat distribution and longer life expectancy.

You won’t find a better choice to grill tortillas, burritos, sandwiches, and quesadillas. Panini grooves are now offered on the top and bottom plates of the grill. The SL1577 will continue to perform, when the other grills just can’t handle the heat!. Create a nonstick and easy to clean surface on your grills with Releze


Don’t forget this handy tool to help your staff keep your ProLuxe™

  • Available in Smooth or Panini.
  • The 2-Sided Split Grill allows for different products to be grilled at once.
  • Compact size fits just about anywhere.
  • So easy to use that any unskilled employee will be grilling tortillas, gorditas, quesadillas, and burritos in seconds.
  • Patented heating element is backed by our exclusive ProLuxe™ limited lifetime warranty.
Electrical Info:
  • 120v-50/60hz-2200w-18.3 amps
  • 220v-50/60hz-2200w-10 amps

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