If speed is of the essence, then the TerraLuxe Standard Round Oven is for you. This oven design features a single opening, and comes in varying sizes. All standard round ovens are available as solid fuel or full gas. Also, you can request gas/solid fuel combo. To add your own personal touch to our standard round oven, you can customize features such as viewing windows, internal spotlights, multiple openings or the pull-out char-broiler*.

Our round ovens come in 5 feet and 7 feet sizes. They are both manufactured with high grade castable ceramic material, enclosed in a housing of 1/4″ thick mild steel. This ensures easy installation and safe operation. The huge thermal mass ovens’ unique ceramic convex domed ceiling creates spectacular performance day in and day out. The windows give operators and customers a glimpse at the quality product as it cooks. They operate with any gas type, making them the most flexible oven in the industry.