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Stone Hearth Ovens

The oven that will change the way you cook forever

Presentation matters. So we created an oven just for you. It’s designed with the most consistent heat distribution ever in a stone hearth oven, along with the most advanced in-floor heating system and dome construction.

Cook pizzas in 90 seconds

Gas and solid fuel configurations

Easy installation and setup

Custom sizes to fit any floor plan

Stone Hearth Ovens

Smart Ovens

Designed for consistency

Round Ovens

Built for speed

Rectangular Ovens

Best for larger cook space

Precision Heat Technology

We've simplified the operation of a stone hearth oven by eliminating hot spots. Our deck is engineered to remain a consistent temperature throughout your day and our patented convex dome prevents you from ever having to dome your pizza again.

Oven Features & Options

Take your stone hearth oven to the next level with features to fit your kitchen needs.

In-floor heating System
Multiple Openings
Up to 3 Burners
Viewing Window
Gas & Solid Fuel Options
Convex Dome Ceiling
Alumina Brick Deck
Custom Designs
Gas and Solid

Fuel Configurations

Multiple fuel options for any cooking application – sear, roast, sauté and bake. It has the power and flexibility to do it all at the same time in one oven. Our ovens work harder so you don’t have to.

Solid Fuel Features

Fan assist

Speed dial to control the fuel source. Used with wood or coal fuel sources.

Coal Grates

Composed of 5/8” thick iron for a longer life expectancy.

Ash Box

Steel box for an easy clean-up of coal/wood ash.

Custom Ovens

Customize your stone hearth oven to meet your restaurant's specifications. We offer various fuel options, openings, facades, and accessories to compliment your oven.


We designed a patented approach for easy installation and less renovation on your space. Our ovens separate into two sections and the steel encased dome can be tilted for easy entrance through any standard doorway.

Oven Ventilation

We offer overhead or direct connection venting configurations. All duct material must be constructed and installed as a grease duct, in accordance with NFPA 96.


4-year structural warranty & 1-year parts and labor on gas/electrical components.

Pervection Series


Round Series

Perfect baking
Round 5ft Oven
Round 5ft Oven
Round 7ft Oven
Round 7ft Oven

Rectangular Series

Rectangular Series
Rectangular 57"x41" Oven
Rectangular 57"x41" Oven

Custom Series

Custom Stone Hearth Ovens
Custom Oven
Custom Oven
Custom Oven

Trusted by Chefs

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“Steve and the Proluxe team are always a pleasure to work with and they deliver a world class product.”

- Frank, Giovanni's Pizza
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“The ease of use for the ovens has saved us time and money in training. Recommend to anyone looking for an oven!

- Caroline, Salt and Amber
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“For too long we used a deck oven I'm so happy we made the switch, our product is better than ever!”

- Rick, Ray's Pizzeria
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