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How to Choose Your Fondant Sheeter

If you plan to open a bakery or you already have one, you know this type of business calls for a huge investment. It requires your time, effort, skills, and of course, money. In order to have a fully-operational bakery, you need some bakery equipment. Your bakery does not need to have all the kinds of equipment to be functional. Since there are several pieces of equipment available, you should choose the ones that you … Continue reading “How to Choose Your Fondant Sheeter”

What You Need to Know About Dough Sheeter Machines

Rolling out dough may seem like one of the most basic things to do in the kitchen, but even experienced chefs do it unsuccessfully. There are often problems, such as the dough sticking to the countertop and the rolling pin. Sometimes, the dough can be too thin, too thick, or uneven. To avoid these issues, a countertop dough sheeter or a dough roller is exactly what you need. What is a Dough Roller? A countertop … Continue readingWhat You Need to Know About Dough Sheeter Machines