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Endurance Series

Endurance Pro X2

Top Rated Pizza Press The Endurance Pro X2 brings consistency and reliability to your restaurant. The semi-automatic operation locks in place and automatically releases for a consistent press. Endurance Pro X2 is designed with an embedded mold so pressing a perfect crust every time is simple. It uses dual heated platens to decrease your cook time without affecting the dough rise.

Endurance Pro X2M

The Next Generation of Pizza Pressing The Endurance Pro X2M dough press brings new versatility to your pizzeria. The dual heated interchangeable molds mean that you can offer more pizza sizes, all without skipping a beat. Swap out molds in seconds, simply lift molds to unlock and drop in your next size from 8” up to 16” diameter.

Endurance X1

Simplifying Your Menu Just Got Easier The Endurance X1 manual dough press is designed for product versatility, mid-volume kitchens, and consistency. Thanks to the thickness control dial you can press hand-tossed style pizza to fortune cookie dough, all with consistency. Designed with a flat platen for freedom to press a range of sizes on one single press. Put new potential in your kitchen without breaking the wallet.

Endurance X1M

Consistently Easy Pizza The Endurance X1M manual dough press is designed for mid-volume kitchens and consistency. Choose from 8-inch up to 16-inch embedded molds for perfectly pressed pizza dough in seconds. Endurance X1M uses a single upper heated platen to help your dough relax, press, and hold its shape. It includes handy features like an automatic timer, digital counter, and temperature controls.

Endurance X2

Easy Housemade Flour Tortillas The Endurance X2 manual dough press is the ultimate dough press for fresh-made flour tortillas in seconds. Designed with an 18” dual heated flat platen and a non-locking handle, it's ideal for quick press times and range of tortilla sizes. It includes handy features like an automatic timer, digital counter, and temperature controls.

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