Master the 24-hour Dining Cycle

Each Proluxe machine has been engineered to help improve the efficiency in your kitchen and the experiences for your customers. Discover how Proluxe technology can help your business.

Small Footprint

Each component inside our equipment has been meticulously designed to be a powerful yet space-saving. We chose powerful embedded heating elements and optimized even heat distribution to get the most out of your kitchen with a smaller footprint.

Reduce Labor Costs

Take control of your kitchen. From daily tasks like prepping the buffet or charging through the dinner rush, your kitchen can power through the day thanks to our fully automated machines that require minimal training and don’t take sick days.

Product Consistency

Without the proper equipment and employee turnover, consistency becomes an ongoing issue. We believe consistency is an essential part of any successful kitchen so we design machines from the ground up – including timers, counters and custom dough molds.
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