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Benefits of Using Premade Dough Balls

Dough is the most important ingredient for great pizza, but scratch-made dough can increase operational costs and other inefficiencies. Ordering premade pizza dough allows you to offer pizza that’s fresh and authentic, but will alleviate back-of-the-house headaches and increase your kitchen’s efficiency. Here are three benefits of using premade dough balls instead of scratch-made dough in your operation.


Product Consistency

With premade pizza dough, you’ll have consistent taste and quality. Pre-portioned dough balls will ensure you have the same pizza size with consistent results every time. *Premade dough will be just as successful in a dough press machine.


You’ll be able to do more with less. By alleviating a dedicated staff member to make dough full time you’ll be able to reallocate tasks to make your kitchen run smoother. High-volume stores or establishments like c-stores and entertainment venues can take advantage of a dough press and offer fresh, high-quality pizza with the same amount of resources.

Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Make more room for prep, storing bulk quantities of ingredients or housing large mixing equipment is no longer necessary.

Premade dough balls will save your restaurant time and labor costs. Just proof, press or toss, top, and bake.

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