What is the Best Dough Machine for Serious Pizza Lovers?

If you have an upcoming get-together with your family or friends, or perhaps you run a pizza restaurant, you need a dough machine. Pizza has always been known as one of the best crowd-pleasing foods that we know. It is not too hard to make one, especially when you have a good recipe in your hands. From time to time, you may want just to order pizza from your favorite food chain, but there is something about homemade pizza that makes it more special. Meanwhile, if you have a pizza store, this means you have to make and prepare pizza dough several times every day. In this case, you want a reliable dough making machine for home or your business.

Do You Really Need a Dough Machine Roller?

You cannot deny that kneading dough using your hand is tough work. It creates a lot of stress, especially on your wrist area. If you want to take out the exhaustion when you bake some goodies for your family or your customers, you either need a dough mixer machine for home or a model that is specifically made for commercial purposes.

A dough machine roller can take the exhaustion out of manual kneading. However, if your big family demands for you to whip up a huge batch, a dough making machine for home is useful. For those who own a pizza shop, it may come as a surprise that even though some dough maker machine commercial mixers can be quite expensive, they are a multipurpose piece of equipment.

You actually get to save money because you do not have to buy other devices for your restaurant. For example, you can use it as a chapati dough maker machine to make the best unleavened Indian flatbread. With the right dough machine, you can even make tortillas out of them as well as pasta, dumplings, and cookies. Which Dough Maker Machine Commercial or Home Use Should You Choose? Whether you are buying a dough kneading machine for home or for your business, you should fine a dough making machine for home or commercial use that has the following features:

1. Economical

We all love pizza, but it does not mean it is the only thing we will make. For homes, most especially, a versatile product is a must since you will be preparing different kinds of food for your family and guests. Therefore, your dough press should be useful for a variety of dough-based food, such as bread, cookies, Mexican tortillas, chapati, and others.

2. Easy to Clean

Most of us do not have time to thoroughly clean the equipment we use while others are just plain lazy. Your dough making machine should not add more work to your kitchen, which is why you should choose one that will not require hours spent on cleaning alone. Some dough machines do not need flour, which not only makes the process of creating dough faster but also reduces the amount of cleaning required.

3. Ease of Use

As much as possible, you should look for a machine that does not require you to guess how it functions. While you may have some spare time to give instructions to your employees, we all know that time is of the essence when running a business. What you need is a pizza dough press machine that will operate without unnecessary fuss. The equipment should not have so many buttons that you or your employees will not know what to do and no serious skills needed to operate it.

4. Fast

You can find a dough machine that can form pizza dough in just a few seconds. If you run a pizza business and you find it difficult to keep up with the demands of your customers and their orders, you should go for a pizza dough maker that is specially designed for commercial use. These pieces of equipment will let you create pizza dough fast with the use of their heated platen, which allows cold dough to flow quickly. Take a look at the DP2300SE, an automatic dough machine from Proluxe. It is dual heated, so you can press pizzas or any similar food without wasting time.

5. Versatile

Sometimes, you want to make a large pizza for the whole family; other times, you just need a small one for yourself. Whether you plan on indulging or you just want to try a pizza recipe, you can do all that with only one machine. There should not be a need to buy a dough press for large and small sizes. Typically, the size of the dough ball you feed into the machine will determine the size of the pizza. Meanwhile, there are products, such as the Proluxe DP1100M, which gives you the freedom to dictate the pizza dough size through the use of their interchangeable molds.

6. Consistent

No one wants to bite into a pizza crust that is uneven. This can happen when you form the dough by hand. With the right dough machine, the dough is formed into the correct shape and size according to your needs.

7. Great Features

Many of the high-quality pizza dough machines have sophisticated features, such as a timer and counter. Some are even air-driven to give the dough more press power and force compared to other pneumatic press machines.

Aside from giving you pizza dough fast, your safety should also be a priority. Always go for a product that operates with the safety of the user in mind. For instance, buttons for turning the power on and off should be easily accessible even with the timer function. Some dough machines are manually operated, while others are automatic. Although manual dough press may require a little bit of work on your part, it gives you control over the thickness of the dough, while still producing consistent crusts.

On the other hand, an automatic machine is ideal for a busy environment where you just let it do all the work for you. Proluxe offers both manual and automatic dough press machines that are excellent for your dough making needs.

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