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Dough Presses

Master the Art of Dough Forming

Outperform Skilled Labor

Designed to make your kitchen even faster, more reliable and more efficient. With minimal training, you’ll have a consistent product every time whether it’s an employee’s first day or the 100th day.

No training required

Pressed in under 10 sec.

Press up to 400/hour

Trusted by Industry Leaders

New Employee? No Problem.

Press a picture-perfect pizza every time. Designed with an embedded mold to ensure thickness consistency and a defined crust, any employee can now conquer the lunch rush with ease.

Embedded molds are available in 8” to 17” diameters for both single and dual heat presses.
We can even work with you to design a custom pizza mold proprietary to your business.

Your Best Sellers, Served Faster.

The flat platens let you press fresh flour tortillas in seconds or hand-tossed style pizzas on a single press. You can even press dough for specialty products like fortune cookies, samosas and more.

Gently press delicate doughs for specialty items and Asian cuisines.
Press thin crust to New York-style pizzas on one dough press.

SlickCoat Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating provides an ultra-slick surface to eliminate the use of oil and flour and easily presses some of the stickiest doughs like corn tortillas. SlickCoat is PFOA-Free and infused with ceramic for durability and resistance to degradation.

Heat for Easy Forming

The single upper heated platen lets your dough relax and hold its shape when pressed. A dual heat press will press dough faster and decrease your overall cook time all without affecting the dough’s rise.

Flex Series

Flex X1
Flex X2
Flex X2T

Endurance Series

Endurance Pro X2
Endurance Pro X2M
Endurance X1
Endurance X1M
Endurance X2

Apex Series

Apex X1
Apex Pro X2M
Apex Pro X2
Apex Pro X1

Trusted by Restaurants

"Anyone can use this press! We've saved time and money on training by switching to an automatic dough press."

- Jordan, Pie Society

"12 out of 10 stars. The mold we had designed for us makes it so easy to create a perfect crust on our pizzas every time."

- Cassie, The Pizza Store

"We love Proluxe presses. It gives us the flexibility to offer both thin and thick crust pizzas on our menu with a quick turn on a dial."

- Helena, Antonio's Pizza & Pasta
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