Helpful Advice on How to Buy a Panini Press

It is understandable that some people are a little stumped when buying a new panini press. Even after reading some panini maker reviews, a lot of folks are left wondering if a particular model is what they are looking for. This is especially true for those looking for the best commercial panini press, which can have a variety of features from different manufacturers at price points that can range from $20 to over $200.

Whether your establishment caters to low, medium, or high volume of customers, you want to make sure that you will have the most affordable and reliable panini press commercial out of all the options available.

To help you save time and effort in navigating through a considerable number of panini presses, here are some features that the model you intend to buy should possess:

A Floating Hinge

It is not as complicated as it sounds. A floating hinge is simply a feature that is quite helpful, especially with a commercial panini press for sale, because it allows you to close the press at varying heights. So whether your customer orders a big baguette sandwich or a small grilled cheese sandwich, the grill can accommodate the order.

Proluxe products are intended to hold any sandwiches you plan on making. Whether it is a standard sandwich like tuna melt or grilled cheese sandwich or those with thicker pieces of bread and more fillings of up to three inches thick, you can grill them without hassle.

Adjustable Thermostat

Often, the best commercial panini press should at least have an adjustable thermostat. Typically though, this feature is only found in high-end models. However, if you are going to use the press for your business, you want one with an adjustable thermostat, so that you can use it for grilling other types of food. For instance, if you also serve burgers, you can use the press for grilling burgers at higher temperatures. Of course, if you only offer panini at your establishment, you can save money with a standard panini press commercial model.

Surface Area

As much as possible, the surface area should be large so that you can make a lot of paninis simultaneously. You may find some that believe a smaller surface area is the best commercial panini press. However, this is mainly because of space constraints in the kitchen. Large panini presses help you manage huge volumes of orders. However, you should also know that you will need lots of counter space for the product. Proluxe offers compact models that allow you to handle demands for high production while still making it easy for you to store them.

Removable Plates

This feature is not entirely a necessity, but it is something that is nice to have in the model you choose. Often, the fillings of the sandwich can ooze out and drip to the grill plates. You have to clean it up to use it again, which is sometimes such a chore. Many commercial panini press reviews agree that one with removable plates can make the job easier since you can just put them in the dishwasher. Proluxe panini grills are designed with a nonstick surface for easy cleaning.


Panini grills are typically easy to use, but there are some people who have not tried making paninis in their entire life. You want to make sure that the equipment you buy is right for everyone’s skill level, including those who do not have an experience in using the grill.

Proluxe panini grills are very simple to operate. In just a few seconds, you or your employee can whip out tortillas, quesadillas, or burritos. There is no need to read a lengthy instruction manual or even memorize the step by the step process of using the panini press.


When your establishment gets busy, it can be tough to handle customer orders all at once. You need a panini press that allows you to grill products simultaneously. Many grills only let you use one side for grilling, but Proluxe has two-sided split grills, which are great for grilling panini or even other food products that you offer to your hungry patrons.


Just like with other products you purchase, the panini press should be covered by a warranty to give you the guarantee that it will operate as it should. Proluxe offers a limited lifetime warranty on heating elements of the products. You can be sure that the press or grill is of good quality and there are no manufacturing defects whatsoever.

Other Cooking Functions

We all want the best out of the item we buy. In the case of kitchen appliances, it would be much better if the equipment, such as the panini press, is more versatile. It is possible to find panini presses that are more than just what they are. For instance, the Proluxe SL1266 is a compact split lid grill that is useful for businesses that need to produce high volumes of sandwiches or the like. This panini press also functions as a grill because of the ridges on the plates, which do resemble the grill cover lines.

Additionally, this Proluxe product literally unfolds, so that when the lid is facing upward, you have two flat surfaces where you can cook your food.

Safety Features

When in use, panini presses become incredibly hot. There are even models that reach temperatures beyond 500 degrees F. If you are not careful, heat from the cooking equipment can cause serious injuries. All Proluxe products come with insulated handles that allow you to use the press even without an oven mitt or towel.

Whether you are making quesadillas, grilled sandwiches, or you plan to grill meat, fish, or veggies; you need a dependable and efficient model, which you can use at home or in your restaurant. Look for the best commercial panini press for sale using the features listed above as well as the hints from panini maker reviews. While you may find some of the aspects unnecessary, they can be a big help when it comes to running your food business.

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