How to Choose Your Fondant Sheeter

If you plan to open a bakery or you already have one, you know this type of business calls for a huge investment. It requires your time, effort, skills, and of course, money. In order to have a fully-operational bakery, you need some bakery equipment.

Your bakery does not need to have all the kinds of equipment to be functional. Since there are several pieces of equipment available, you should choose the ones that you will use. These items should fulfill the requirements of your bakery. As you select from your options, think about the number of customers you have. If you plan to expand your business in the near future, you should choose pieces of equipment that can handle big tasks.

You probably have a list of the machines you are considering to buy. If a fondant or dough sheeter is not one of them, you should definitely add it to your list.

What is a Dough Sheeter or a Fondant Sheeter?

If you are wondering, “What is a dough sheeter?” you have come to the right place. When you open a bakery, you will find dough or fondant sheeters very useful. Their primary responsibility is to roll, extend, and unfold dough balls. They typically have their specified thickness and size.

When you use a dough sheeter, you will have the consistent dough for your pizza and other pies. The same thing happens when you use the sheeter for fondant. When making cakes, you want to make sure that the fondant is even all throughout. In this case, you will need the help of a fondant sheeter machine.

Without a doubt, you need to provide your customers with high-quality products from your bakery at all times. Dough bands and blocks that come in faultless class are often the basis for the quality of the products you offer to the buyers.

While you can sheet the dough by hand, choosing this path is strenuous and not to mention, time-consuming. Time is money no matter what your business is. If you have a dough sheeter, you can save time and labor, which results in processing your dough or fondant faster to earn more profits.

How to Choose a Fondant Sheeter Machine

There are several manufacturers of fondant or dough sheeters, and at the same time, there are several varieties of models with different features. Some are designed for their own specific function. There may be a few that look like they are versatile, but it does make a huge difference if you choose the correct equipment for your bakery business.

Whether you are a professional baker or an average person who loves to bake at home, you will undoubtedly find fondant-rolling with your hands to be a weary job. In some cases, those who love to bake simply choose other alternatives to fondant, such as buttercream frosting, just to escape the extremely tiring task.

However, you do not have to do such thing because you can relieve your arms and hands from the strain by reducing labor with the help of a fondant sheeter.

Many bakers love fondant as they are quite easy to work with and they leave a smooth finish that gives the product a more professional look without being messy. If you are on the market for a fondant sheeter, one of the first things that you should look at is the size of the sheet you are going to use.

Bakeries or food businesses that work with fondant, pasta, and dough will need a bigger floor or standalone machines. They will take a lot of space, but they can deliver fondant sheets fast, whether they are just a few inches or several feet long. Meanwhile, if you do not plan to open a bakery yet and you simply love to bake at home, a non-commercial dough sheeter table top is a much better option for you. It is smaller than the floor machines, and it is handy as well.

Aside from the size, you should take a look at what the company or manufacturer offers. There should be different services, including maintenance, guidance through videos and manuals, and of course, reliable customer service. Look up the company’s history first to guarantee its authenticity.

Additionally, you should also check the materials used. The main material will depend on the fondant sheeter itself but it is advised to go for heavy duty stainless steel. It may be a little pricier than other materials but you can be sure it will not rust, giving you the confidence that you are serving safe cakes.

Some more features are independent rollers and speed options. As much as possible, go for a sheeter that has top and bottom rollers, which function independently, so as to provide a smooth process of rolling the sheets. Meanwhile, if there are no speed options, it is important to choose one that is truly speedy.

Due to the high volume of demand in most bakeries today, you want to keep up with your customers’ orders. You can do that if the sheeter can handle quick tasks. Proluxe DPR2000 is a single pass dough sheeter that you will surely love. It not only provides a uniform thickness of the dough but it also produces 500 to 600 sheets per hour. You can already imagine how much time you can save with this speedy device.

About Somerset Fondant Sheeter Price

Let us also not forget that although we are aware that a lot of money would be involved in setting up a bakery, it does not mean you should not look for an inexpensive fondant sheeter. One of the popular brands is Somerset.

If you are thinking about buying one and you are thinking about the Somerset fondant sheeter price, it will depend on the model you intend to purchase. A 20” double pass sheeter from this company is around $3,495, while a 30” with synthetic rollers cost $5,100. Some will have additional fees, such as for shipping.

You can, however, find a more inexpensive fondant sheeter. Browse the products from Proluxe and you will find the dough or fondant sheeter that fits not only your budget but also your needs.

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