Secret Pizza Dough Recipe: Killer Techniques for the Perfect Dough

Pizza dough does not have a lot of ingredients, but we cannot deny there are some crusts that are better than others. There is always a difference between good and bad pizza and the secret on how to make restaurant style pizza dough all depends on the technique used.

How Do You Make a Good Pizza Dough?

There are some secrets to achieving a restaurant-style pizza recipe. Whether it is adding flavor to pizza dough or you want to know the answer to, “How do you make Italian pizza dough?” you can use the following techniques to create the best crust ever: It matters where you preheat. Place the baking steel or the pizza stone on the second lowest rack in your oven.

How long should you preheat? The answer to this is for an hour and set the temperature to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. It does sound like a really long time, especially because it is just for preheating. However, you will not be disappointed as you bite into that very crispy bottom crust.

The right water temperature is critical for your restaurant style pizza recipe. Make sure water temperature is in the zone. Use a thermometer to measure it correctly, which should be between 110 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. You will know it is right if water bubbles up perfectly.

You can make the crust more flavorful. Adding flavor to pizza dough is possible. Some can be used as enhancers, such as barley malt syrup to give the dough more sweetness. You can also use fresh or dried herbs as well as infused oils, such as rosemary oil or truffle oil.

Experiment with their unique flavors to know which one works for your palate. You can also add garlic, which is one of the ways on how to make restaurant style pizza dough, particularly one that takes on the original Italian flavor.

How long do you prebake pizza crust? It is recommended that you bake the pizza crust until it slowly turns to brown. It should take about seven to 10 minutes. Before prebaking, you need to roll out or stretch the dough. After a few minutes in the oven, it should dry out and firm up the dough a bit, which is the purpose of prebaking.

Use parchment paper instead of flour or cornmeal. Normally, people add flour at the bottom of their crust (sometimes, cornmeal is used). However, you can use parchment paper instead where you can press the dough.

If you intend to use flour, choose the best type. Unbleached flour is considered the best choice for flavor. Other options include high gluten flour so that the dough will hold together better. You can add a bit of olive oil too so that it will not be elastic and will not be stubborn as you try to shape it.

For some people, sticking to the true basics of making dough is the best. This means they just use the most basic ingredients, which are salt, water, yeast, and flour. You will need to experiment with the ratios, especially with water to flour. You can also add some olive oil as well.

You can let your dough rise for at least an hour before you make your pizza. You also have the choice to store it in the fridge where you can keep the dough for a maximum of three days without worrying about quality loss. As much as possible, leave it in the fridge for at least one whole day, which gives it enough time to develop its flavors and produce better texture for the pizza crust.

Whether you plan to make pizza for a date night at home while watching a movie or you just want to make the crust much better, here are even more tips to help you achieve your pizza goal:

If you have ever tasted pizza that is crispy on the outside and soft inside, this is because the oven was turned up to the highest when cooking the food. Make sure to bake it for just a very short time until you see that it is golden brown.

If you already have a favorite recipe, it makes the dough much tastier if there are at least a couple of tablespoons of sugar. This particular sweetener is like food for the yeast, giving the crust a better taste, color, and texture as a result. Decide whether you want a traditional Italian pizza or a Neapolitan style pizza. Perhaps you are more into New York-style pizzas with that generous crunch and a thick topping of grated, dry mozzarella cheese. It is up to you, but make sure you pick a style before you start.

Aside from dough, you should not forget about your toppings, which make the pizza even more exciting and delicious. However, be wise when you top the pies as it is easy to go crazy over what to put. The best pies have minimal toppings with balanced flavors. You may want to stay with just two or three ingredients but if you feel the need to add, make sure you will come up with a synergistic whole.

Finally, you should not roll the dough. Stretch it since rolling will only flatten out its air pockets, so there are no bubbles in the crust that we all like. Let gravity assist you as you stretch the dough and use your fists, not your fingers. With the techniques listed, you will surely know how to make restaurant style pizza dough.

However, for the best results, you should go for a dough machine or a dough press. ProLuxe has manually operated or automatic dough press machines with a variety of models to choose from, depending on your needs.

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