Top Reasons to Buy Sandwich Press

A sandwich press may seem like a piece of equipment that is so simple that you do not even have to buy it. After all, most people would wonder why they would need a sandwich press grill when they can just press the two slices of bread together themselves.

While some people think it is a waste of money, a good sandwich press can actually do a lot for your kitchen – especially if you run a food establishment that offers sandwiches and similar items in your menu.

With the right machine for your sandwiches, you can make sure that whatever you serve to your family or – if you run a business – to your customers is impeccable. It not only adds to how the sandwiches look, but it also gives the impression of how well you take care of your dishes.

What are the Uses of Sandwich Press Grill?

The main job of a sandwich press is to press, squash, or compress two bread slices together. Such job can be done by hand, but there are reasons why this type of equipment should be present in your kitchen.

The right press machine for your sandwiches can help you press thin slices of bread without ruining them. It can also be used on thick bread slices, which are sometimes difficult to press together. You can achieve a better-looking sandwich with the help of a consistent sandwich press machine. Many of the customers today are quite discerning, and if you would like them to return to eat at your establishment again, you should only serve them the best – in both taste and appearance.

Aside from the mentioned uses, the press grill for sandwiches can also be used for bread that has harder crusts than normal. Perhaps the oven is too hot, or you use a dark baking pan since it absorbs more heat and moves it quickly to the bread. Maybe you are using a glass piece of equipment for cooking instead of metal. Whatever the reason, there are times when you may have to do with the crust you have.

While most people want soft crust bread, there are recipes that call for crusty ones. For some of the customers, they want bread that is richly-flavored, golden brown, perfectly shaped, and wonderfully crusty. Meanwhile, if you offer uncrustables where the homemade sandwich comes with a filling in the layer of bread, you can use an uncrustable sandwich press.

With this type of sandwich press, you can shape the sandwich according to how you like it. It is a big hit for birthday parties or anything to do with kids, especially if you choose a press that comes with a bread cutter. Speaking of filling, pocket sandwiches may come to mind. You can also use a sandwich pocket press where you press the tortilla, pita, or whatever type of hollowed or folded bread you use.

Sandwich presses can also be used when the sandwich is messy, such as when there are moist fillings like tomatoes. They are also quite useful if you often work with stretchy cheeses.

Even better, if you also serve panini, these sandwich press machines can help you make panini sandwiches in a snap. You do not need additional equipment to aid you in running your kitchen as these presses can give you the grilled sandwich you would like to achieve – not just with the use of sliced bread.

Should You Consider a Panini Press with Removable Plates?

The most important reason why you may want to buy a panini press with removable plates is that they are easier to clean than those that cannot be detached. Although they are called a panini press, make no mistake that they can also be used with any kind of sandwich, including quesadillas, hamburgers, and anything you can think of.

Presses with removable plates are an excellent option for those who serve sandwiches on a regular basis. Cleanup is definitely much more relaxed and more straightforward since you just have to scrape off the food stuck on the plates. You can place the plates in the dishwasher and let the cleaning machine do its job for you.

However, it does not mean you should just stick to presses with removable plates. There are products that work brilliantly even if they do not have detachable plates. For instance, the CS157 from Proluxe, which is a two-sided grill, will not give you any problems with cleaning the plates.

The platens at the top and bottom of the press are adjustable, and they give you convenient access so you can clean them without issues. CS157 also has an upper floating plate that can automatically adjust to the thickness of the bread or ingredient you are grilling. This unique feature results to even cooking, which is not present in the other sandwich or panini presses around.

This machine is also quite versatile as it is not limited to preparing sandwiches but can also be used for making tortillas, quesadillas, vegetables, steaks, chicken, and burritos among many others.

Using a Cuban Sandwich Press

How about if you want to try making a Cuban sandwich? If you already have the tasty Cuban roast pork, the next steps should not be difficult. This statement is certainly true if you have a good Cuban sandwich press by your side.

The press you choose should perform at its best, is easy to use, and can heat the product fast. A Cuban sandwich is more than ham and cheese sandwich as it contains roast pork, mustard, and pickles. You can then use the panini or sandwich press that you have, such as the one mentioned above.

Proluxe has other sandwich presses that you can choose from, and they come in either ridged (panini) or smooth plates. You can use the press for pressing the Cuban sandwich. Make sure that you grease it with butter first.

As you can see, you have a lot of reasons to buy a sandwich press. It is precisely what you need if you want your sandwiches to look more tempting and at the same time, it makes your job easier.

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