What are Your Best Clamshell Grill Options?

When New York Times reported that McDonald’s was finding other ways on how to cook its burgers to win back customers, many stayed tuned. The giant food chain later revealed that it would toast its buns longer, which would help the sandwiches become warmer. It also changed how it grills and sears the beef with the aim of making the patties juicier. These little things made some of those in the food industry curious and they planned to add the same clamshell grill McDonald’s is using.

If you are serving burgers, tortillas, quesadillas, burritos, or just about anything that needs grilling, a clamshell grill is a perfect addition to your kitchen equipment lineup. Its grill parts are distinct, so it is easy for you to recognize a clamshell grill for sale.

A clamshell grill has two surfaces where the food will be pressed and heated. Compared to frying pans, they are much faster, which is why you will surely benefit from it.

Do You Really Need a Clamshell Grill?

If you are seriously thinking about adding this type of grill to your commercial kitchen, there are a few things to check and ask first:

  • Look at your menu and find out if you may have any plans to change it in the future.
  • With your menu in mind, can you use the clamshell grill throughout your operations?
  • If you plan to make additions to your menu, will they resonate with your customers?
  • Are the additions fit for your restaurant’s concept?
  • Do you need to deliver a lot of meals?
  • Does the number vary greatly week by week or during a specific time of the day?

Often, restaurants and food shops become very busy at lunchtime. With orders rushing out of the kitchen, it can be challenging to handle all the demands of the customers. You do not want to lose your patrons just because you cannot keep up with their orders. A clamshell grill is a two platen grill that will make your job so much easier. Also known as dual-sided grills, clamshells can help you and your staff whip up large batches of orders quickly and efficiently. It is ideal for fast food restaurants, as well as those that require quick serve, sport or recreation, and rapid casual operations.

Choosing Your Two Plate Grill

If your customers are looking for speedy service, clamshells can save the day. They can even give you enough time to customize the order of the customers according to their tastes. As you have decided that you need a clamshell grill for your business, you want to review the brands and their reputation. You should always research about the product before you buy, which will aid you in shortlisting the manufacturers for the grill you are seeking. Before you make your decision, ensure that you have evaluated the product based on its user-friendliness so that you do not have to look at the grill manual almost daily. You should also inspect its performance, warranty, service, and reliability.

Clamshell grills can be expensive, which is why you should take enough time to review your options. While there are massive floor-standing grills available in the marketplace today, not everyone has enough space in their kitchen. If you have a smaller kitchen than most, it is best to look for a clamshell grill for sale that can fit on your countertop.

This type of dual sided equipment offers flexibility because of its platen grill manual controls. The manual clamshells are mounted to your countertop and you can use it to make the food from your menu in a small footprint.

Typically, when the clamshell is in the up position, the surface of the grill can be used whenever it is needed. When placed down, the plate will heat the food from above as well as below the grill. This is where it all becomes helpful to a fast service restaurant since it enables the two sides of a product, for instance, a hamburger bun, to cook at the same time.

Advancements in how the grills function these days have been boosted. You can find a clamshell grill for sale that is truly easy to use that you will not even have to read the grill manual over and over. Additionally, they can be lifted and lowered using just one hand.

Clamshell grills can either be smooth or grooved (panini) style. The smooth plate is great for those whose products include quesadillas, while the grooved steel plate is recommended for restaurants that serve products that need uniform markings, such as chicken breast and panini.

Proluxe offers several clamshell grill options for your food restaurant. Consider the following pieces of equipment as you look for your next grill:

  • CS157: This two sided grill also known as ProGrill Split Lid Grill is best for restaurants that should produce large batches of products in a jiffy. Its best features include its simple operations and the patented manufacturing process, which results in an even distribution of heat.
  • CSD1515: If you are fully concerned about the production of your food items, this ProGrill from ProLuxe is the answer. It is heavy duty and is available in both panini and smooth versions. This clamshell grill is excellent for making tortilla wraps and sandwiches.
  • CSD1212: If you want a grill that can help you keep up with the demands of your customers, this item is worth checking. It can perform various grilling jobs but does not ask for huge space in your kitchen.

You can never go wrong with a clamshell grill from Proluxe. If your current menu or even the future changes you are planning to include, this type of grill will help you run your business at full capacity. It can help reduce cook times while making sure consistency in the cooking process is always maintained.

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