Why Choose A Proluxe Oven

And take your restaurant to the next level

More power, more performance, more versatility.

Proluxe ovens take the guesswork out of operating a stone hearth oven by eliminating hot spots. Ovens provide consistent even heat so you’ll no longer need to rotate pizzas. From fine-dining to fast-casual, Proluxe ovens ensure the best cooking experience

1. Brick Deck

The oven deck is constructed of 1.5 - 3inch thick alumina bricks to expand and contract with high temperatures to prevent cracks and deck damage. Alumina brick is engineered with pieces of aluminum for superior heat retention and conduction.


2. Alumina Brick

Alumina brick is engineered with pieces of aluminum for superior heat retention and conduction. Its porous construction promotes airflow underneath for even heat distribution and produces an airy crispy pizza crust.


3. Electric In-floor Heating

The brick deck is designed with the most advanced in-floor heating system to assist in maintaining consistent deck temperatures for a fast-paced environment. The touchscreen interface provides the capability to control 3 separate temperature zones.


4. Torches and Display Burner

Flames automatically adjust to reduce overall BTU’s for optimal energy efficiency. Torches easily maintain desired temperature settings for consistent and stress-free cooking.

Large ovens can accommodate up to three burners for a total of 219,000 BTU’s.


5. Thermal Flywheel

The combination of the torches, display burner, and dome shape are critical parts of the design for precision heat across the entire deck and energy efficiency.


6. Precision Heat Technology

Thanks to energy-efficient temperature adjusting burners Proluxe ovens use 100,000 fewer BTUs than the nearest competitor.



7. Demo-free Installation

Proluxe ovens easily separate into two sections for easy installation and less renovation on your space. 1. The ¼” steel-encased dome. 2. The base and legs. They are designed to be tilted for easy entrance through any standard doorway.



4-year structural warranty & 1-year parts and labor on gas/electrical components.

8. Dome Construction

The patented ceramic dome ceiling sits 16” above the deck. The exclusive convex design provides up to 80% more power for thermal convection cooking.


9. Custom Ovens

Proluxe stone hearth oven can be customized to meet the restaurant's specifications. Choose from various fuel options, multiple openings, facades, and more to complement your oven.

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