Heated Tortilla Press for the Perfect Flour Tortilla

While you can buy tortilla from a store, nothing beats a homemade one. Tortillas are generally easy to make but sometimes, they can be dehydrated and crackly. Some people even complain about their tortilla masa always falling apart as they mix and press. Making tortillas does take a lot of patience. With experience, your finished products will get better. To help you get there faster, you can use an electric tortilla maker machine.

Tortilla makers are not that expensive. In fact, you can even find cheap tortilla maker Walmart. If you are in the business of making tortillas for your customers, you cannot settle for these low quality pieces of equipment. You want a commercial electric tortilla press that is reliable and works just the way you need it.

Using an Electric Tortilla Roller

For some people, a tortilla press is one of the worst things they can buy for their kitchen. The most prominent reason for this is that it only does one job: it makes tortillas and nothing else. Additionally, it is heavy and does not fit with other items in your cupboard, such as your pots and pans.

Because of that, they just turn to tortilla makers at WalMart, such as the Chef Pro Tortilla Maker, which is available at WalMart stores, particularly the 10-inch variety. However, if you eat plenty of tortillas in your place, or you serve them in your establishment, it makes sense to get the best tortilla maker you can find.

Even though they have a terrible reputation for being a unitasker, the press is easy to use and can be a great addition if you love Mexican food.

How to Use a Heated Tortilla Press

Whether you have Chef Pro tortilla maker or a product from another manufacturer, using a tortilla press is typically straightforward. You will only have to place a piece of dough, usually one of golf-ball size, between the two plates of the press. Then, you will squeeze the plates shut. After that, you will have round tortilla that looks perfect.

Compared to buying pre-made tortillas at the store, the homemade ones are so much better. With the help of a tortilla press, you can whip up several batches of the tortilla wraps without a hassle, especially if they are an instant hit at your house. Impress your guests or just make your family happy with enjoyable home-produced tortillas.

Choosing Your Tortilla Press

You do not have to limit your budget and your search for the best tortilla maker at WalMart. You can actually find a better electric tortilla maker machine that can handle tasks more than just giving you tortilla wraps.

When selecting the heated tortilla press, many experts recommend a product made with cast iron. If this is not available, go for one that uses another heavy cast metal. Often, these types of tortilla press machines are suitable for businesses.

However, even if you are not looking for commercial electric tortilla press and you just want one that you can use at home, such tortilla press machines can handle the challenge of making several tortillas without sliding across the table or failing you.

You can always find a manual press, but many people choose electric varieties because they are much easier and faster to use. You just plug in the gadget and place the ball of dough. The machine will press and bake at the same time. Even better, these presses can be used for different things, such as making other flatbreads like moo shoo, roti, and pita.

The Mexican flatbread or tortilla can be pressed by hand. Some experienced makers do not even need a press as they just pat the dough and they are good to go. However, not everyone is an expert and the presses make it simpler for people to flatten a tortilla ball dough or masa into an even, thin tortilla.

You can find several presses that are made of cast aluminum or light cast iron. You can also find ones that are made out of wood. If you order online, the aluminum ones are more suitable for you if you are trying to save some money. They are cheaper than most of the other types because the shipping fee costs less.

On the other hand, the cast iron heated tortilla press can be expensive for shipping because of their greater weight. However, you just place the equipment on your counter and it will not move that much because of its heaviness. As a result, it will not require you to exert more effort in pressing because it already has enough weight for the dough..

You can find presses that are about six and a half inches, eight inches, or 10 inches wide. Often, the smaller ones are only for corn tortillas, while the ones with a larger size are ideal for flour tortillas.

Making Tortillas with Proluxe

Proluxe has flat grills for tortillas with varying sizes: 15”x20”, 20”x25”, and 25”x40”. These flat grills are suitable for businesses that serve tortillas using flour tortillas to their customers. All the products mentioned have a cast-in heating component with patented technology to give balanced heat spreading throughout the plates. This benefit is useful during peak hours where there are high demands from customers.

The tortilla makers from Proluxe have temperature control on the front so that the user can easily choose how to operate it. Heating can go from 100 degrees F to 450 degrees F. Additionally, all products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

One of the many complaints about using a tortilla press has something to do with cleaning. It is often difficult to remove the flour and the tortillas tend to stick to the plates. With Proluxe, you can create a nonstick surface with Releze so you can clean your plates without problems.

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