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Nonstick surface for alternative dough types

The SlickCoat™ Ceramic coating provides the ultimate nonstick surface that makes working with some of the stickiest doughs a breeze. Press housemade corn tortillas, flatbreads, or gluten-free dough the SlickCoat™ surface is up for any culinary challenge.

Nonstick Surface

Our SlickCoat™ Ceramic nonstick coating makes it a breeze to press the stickiest of doughs and it’s PFOA-Free.

Even Heating

The cast-in aluminum base provides an even and reliable heat distribution with thermal stability to 500° F/260ºC.

Scratch Resistant

SlickCoat™ nonstick coating is ceramic-infused for extra durability and resistance to degradation.

Ceramic Meets Dough Pressing

Our SlickCoat™ Ceramic nonstick coating provides a slick surface that some of the stickiest doughs like corn tortillas won’t stick. You’ll easily press a variety of dough products without the use of oil.

Easy, Fresh and Authentic

Make in-house tortillas, quesadillas, patacones, Rotis, empanadas, and arepas fast and simple. You can even alternate pressing flour and corn tortillas on the same dough press.


Endless Possibilities

Corn Tortillas
Flour Tortillas
Gluten-free Dough
Fortune Cookies

Oil-free Pressing

The SlickCoat™ Ceramic coating gives you all the benefits of a pizza dough press but without the need for oil so you can replicate hand-tossed pizzas, or create yelp-worthy calzones and more.

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