Dough Press Tips

Why You Should Use a Dough Press

While we navigate through these times, improving slim margins can be difficult. Switching to a dough press can help your restaurant’s operations by offsetting costs, expanding your menu for takeout, reducing expensive labor costs, and enhancing product consistency. With zero to minimal training any employee can produce the perfect pizza.

A Range of Pizza Sizes

Presses with flat platens allow you to press artisanal pizza in a range of sizes on a single machine. By increasing or decreasing the ounce of the dough ball used you’ll be able to produce personal to family-sized pizzas.

Press Models: Flex X1 (PP1818), Endurance X1 (DP1100), Endurance X2 (DP2000), Apex Pro X1 (DP1350), Impact X1 (DP3300)

Different Styles of Pizza

Expand your menu to offer both thin crust pizza and New York style pizza or offer a thicker crust pizza to hold up for delivery. Dough presses feature a simple turn dial to quickly adjust the thickness of your final product on one dough press machine.

Press models: Flex X2 (PP2018), Endurance X1 (DP1100), Endurance Pro X2 (DP2010), Apex Pro X2 (DP2350)

Did you know? You can press more than just pizza dough. Press dough for specialty products like fortune cookies, calzones, piadinas, flour tortillas, samosas, and more.

Compete with Hand-tossed

A dough press can speed up order times and reduce costs of expensive hand tossing processes. A single heat press with a flat platen can produce comparable results. The single top heat platen helps the dough ball to spread evenly onto the platen without affecting the dough’s rise during the baking process.

Press Models: Endurance X1 (DP1100), Apex Pro X1 (DP1350), Impact X1 (DP3300)

A Perfect Crust

Dough presses with an embedded mold ensure your pizza is the same size, thickness, and has a perfect crust every time. Interchangeable molds make it even easier to offer a perfect crust pizza in a range of sizes. Lift to remove and drop in the next mold size.

Press Models: Endurance X1M (DP1100M), Endurance Pro X2 (DP2010), Endurance Pro X2M (DP2010M), Impact X1M (DP3300M), Apex Pro X2M (DP2350M)
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