How to Find the Perfect Tortilla Press for You

23 October, 2017

Tortilla-making can be enjoyable but can be quite tedious as well. You need to make sure that you get the consistency right and rolling out the dough can take a lot of practice to get perfect results. It can really be tiresome that you wish you have a tortilla press that you can use, so you do not have to do everything by hand. When looking for the best tortilla press, there are many things … Continue reading “How to Find the Perfect Tortilla Press for You”

Helpful Advice on How to Buy a Panini Press

18 October, 2017

It is understandable that some people are a little stumped when buying a new panini press. Even after reading some panini maker reviews, a lot of folks are left wondering if a particular model is what they are looking for. This is especially true for those looking for the best commercial panini press, which can have a variety of features from different manufacturers at price points that can range from $20 to over $200. Whether … Continue reading “Helpful Advice on How to Buy a Panini Press”

Secret Pizza Dough Recipe: Killer Techniques for the Perfect Dough

16 October, 2017

Pizza dough does not have a lot of ingredients, but we cannot deny there are some crusts that are better than others. There is always a difference between good and bad pizza and the secret on how to make restaurant style pizza dough all depends on the technique used. How Do You Make a Good Pizza Dough? There are some secrets to achieving a restaurant-style pizza recipe. Whether it is adding flavor to pizza dough … Continue reading “Secret Pizza Dough Recipe: Killer Techniques for the Perfect Dough”

What is the Best Dough Machine for Serious Pizza Lovers?

16 October, 2017

If you have an upcoming get-together with your family or friends, or perhaps you run a pizza restaurant, you need a dough machine. Pizza has always been known as one of the best crowd-pleasing foods that we know. It is not too hard to make one, especially when you have a good recipe in your hands. From time to time, you may want just to order pizza from your favorite food chain, but there is … Continue reading “What is the Best Dough Machine for Serious Pizza Lovers?”

New Industry Standard Press

5 December, 2016

We designed this dual heated machine to press perfect 12” pizzas in the high paced chain driven environment. We realize the customer must have a consistently pressed product in an incredibly fast paced environment every time. No time to waste! Features: Operation is entirely manual. Factory set at 220°F top and 220°F bottom platens and at an 6 second press time. Standard upper and lower 12” mold for a consistent size crust with every press. … Continue reading “New Industry Standard Press”

Smaller. Sleeker Grill.

5 December, 2016

We think you’ll agree – it’s table-top grilling perfection. This compact grill saves on space, but is engineered to handle the demands of high volume production by reducing the cooking times in half by creating a double-sided and dual heated grill. The CS157 Progrill’s diverse range of uses includes, tortilla, panini’s, quesadilla, sandwiches, burritos, wraps, gordita, vegetables and proteins. The CS157 is available with a smooth or panini style grill at no extra cost. You … Continue reading “Smaller. Sleeker Grill.”

Proluxe supports City Kidz

19 January, 2016

Pastor Clinton Bush personally thanked Steve Raio President/CEO of Proluxe formerly DoughPro for his generous donation of the DP1100M Pizza Press. “Our students and I are humble and very appreciative of the donation. Our culinary students now understand the importance of portion control, and consistency. The DoughPro pizza press delivers consistency every time our students can now press our homemade pizza dough balls with perfection. Not to mention our high speed production capabilities with the … Continue reading “Proluxe supports City Kidz”

Going Green

18 January, 2016

Proluxe has teamed up with UPS to Go Green by joining their UPS Carbon Neutral program. Proluxe uses UPS to ships many packages each day. We know that our customers are as concerned as we are about the impact shipping has on the environment. That’s why we have teamed up with UPS by joining their carbon neutral shipping option. By joining this program Proluxe can reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) impact. UPS purchases certified carbon … Continue reading “Going Green”